Sunday, February 24, 2008

no whining today...

6 days past
Today was Erin's birthday party. We all went to Cici's Pizza for lunch. Amanda was late. How odd. George's cell phone rings. Amanda's been in a wreck, no, wait Amanda's been hit by a car. She's talking to the police so she can't be too hurt. Right? Everything is being trickled through my father from my mother who is outside with Andie. Don't panic. Don't panic.

She is okay. She went out to start the truck, heard a noise behind her and noticed the car coming down the road had a flat. No big deal, they seemed to realise it, they were going slow, they were in the center of the road...She turns back to unlock the truck and realises the car is coming at her. They hit her artificial leg, somehow slam her wrist. (Later the passenger will say Amanda slapped him and that somehow caused the bruising. Amanda doesn't know exactly how it happened.) then they plow into the neighbors car. Amanda starts yelling at them. The driver and the passenger get out of the car. Zach comes running from the house still pulling up his pants as he goes. He does have the forethought to yank the guys keys so he can't take off. However in the hullabaloo of what to do the driver takes off on foot. Zach doesn't have any shoes on so he goes back into the house to get some on and try to track the guy down. No dice. The police come and it is revealed that the passenger has no idea who the driver is. In fact he was asleep and Amanda slapping him was the first time he knew there was trouble. (Yes, I know.) The police do find the driver he has a blood alcohol level of .13, no insurance (of course) and no driver's license (also of course) It's possible the owner of the car may have insurance but I wouldn't count on that one either. Not that a hoser who has to be drunk at 11 am really needs to make their life worse but fleeing the scene raised the crime from DUI with an accident to Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter and Fleeing the Scene of a Crime. Felony.

If you want to know why I believe in God look to Amanda. Ten years ago she overcame cancer through the miracles of God. Five years ago she was saved from a horrifying accident again because God was watching her and today God once again set his hand in front of her to protect her. Thank you for this gift.

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