Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So I've never really done one of those Pinspiration things but this dress just killed me. I loved it so much I wanted needed to make one for Wub.

Now in my normal, not the normal way to do it, fashion my actual "Pinspiration" was not an actual pin but part of a linky party for both Sew In Tune and Basic Bodice Design. Call Ajaire had a fantastic tutorial on adding scallops to a bodice. The gorgeous Andre Courreges dress above was her inspiration to make a sweet scalloped dress for her sweet girl.

She had amazing directions on how to make the scallops. So lucky remnant at JoAnn's yielded a red and white polka dot that I used for the top. The bottom is white 90 inch muslin. I drafted the pattern using one of Wub's t-shirts and made the dress ultra short on purpose because I wanted that 70's little girl feel to it. The circle cut out in the back  was just for fun to see if I could make it work.

Then I drafted a pair of shorts and added the scallops to the bottom to tie it all together. I wanted the shorts to be shorter and tighter than they turned out. (More hot pants-y, less showing) I'm 90% sure I am making at least one maybe two more versions and I'll get the shorts micro the next time around.

Bottom line? Love it. Can't wait to make another one.