Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The birthday dress...

This has been in my head for literally years. Ever since I made the green and orange version I've wanted to use Pink Blossom Festival with navy blue to make a maxi length Maggie May Dress.

 I used about a third of a full size fitted Cannon Monticello Blossom Festival bed sheet (If you are old enough you might remember them from the 1970's. They originally came from Kmart but I picked this one up at GW for like $2.00 ) for the main fabric and just a bit of a twin size, navy sheet set we bought on clearance at Target.

  I love this pattern and I cannot recall all the things I've made for Wub using it. Several dresses and top a few nightgowns and the top to her Christmas pyjamas a couple of years ago.

 I forgot to measure Wub before she left for school this morning so I was positive I'd made it ridiculously long. Truth of the matter, she is taller than I give her credit for because the length is spot on.
and like all the best dresses this one is extra great because pockets.
This is almost done. just needs buttons and buttonholes. We made a special trip out to Let's Sew (or as I like to call it The Magical Palace of Button Wonderfulness Also Fabric) so Wub could pick out her own buttons. She picked out some lovelies and I'll share as soon as i get them sewn. on.

Monday, February 02, 2015

A Dash of Rainbow

Funny, this is the second time I've made character inspired underpants for Kid's Clothes Week.

I used some of the leftover bits from her Christmas Rainbow Dash Lounge Wear and the Classic Panties and Camisole pattern from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.

I was having a severe case of clumsy fat hands but they still went together relatively quickly. About an hour 15 from dig out fabric to press down seams. I was too lazy to rethread the serger and couldn't find my glasses to thread a double needle so zigzag stitched they are. I bought the rainbow thread with this project in mind. So cute. Will definitely be making a stack of these in various fabrics.