Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chloeisms from the babysitter.

We are lucky. Really lucky. We have to work (and I like to work aside from that) but it's hard to leave our amazing kid. Taking her to someone who genuinely loves and appreciates her makes it easier. Wub loves her weekday sitter Terie and her brood.

To prove a point, a week or two ago Terie had a family emergency and Wub spent the day with her cousin Andie and Andie's wonderous ginger haired boy. Although she had a great time, when we came to pick her up she cried a little because she wanted to see...that's right Terie.

Every day that we don't send Chloe off to big box daycare I am thrilled that I have the luxury of knowing that that she is being truly cared for.

Terie-Wouldn't it be funny if your name was Cock-a-doodle doo? Then everyone would call you Cock-a-doodle doo instead of Chloe.
Chloe-No it wouldn't.
Terie-Why not?
Chloe-Because I don't speak Spanish.
(and who can argue with that?)

Terie-What is the moon made of?
Chloe-Wood...glowing wood.
Terie-And how did it get there?
Chloe-The aliens made it.
(of course)

Monday, August 08, 2011

First Concert

We took her to see Bob Dylan. Which either makes us crazy or cool. Maybe both.

I was a little worried. Wub doesn't like loud noises and concerts are, well, usually pretty loud. I had a back up plan though. If she had freaked out I was going to have Erin come and get her.

Leon Russell opened. It was rollicking, bluesy, fun and funky and Wub responded by standing up on her seat, dancing around, waving her arms in the air and shouting things in my ear. (I never could catch what she was saying.)

All in all a good sign.

At intermission we got her a drink and waited for Mr. Zimmerman to take the stage. When the lights went down, we were positioned perfectly to watch Bob Dylan take the stage. I pointed him out to her as he was walking up the stage stairs.

Then they took the stage. Rainy Day Woman. Wub danced around happily. Yay! Then It's All Over Now Baby Blue a little less enthusiastic but still dancing...Things Have Changed....Why yes, they have. Wub climbed up on my lap and leaned her head on my shoulder. The song ended she looks up at me and says "Is it over now?"  "No."  "Are you kidding?"  "No baby I'm not."

This scene repeated itself after every song. "Is it over now?" "No." "Are you kidding?" "No baby I'm not." She never got out of hand and sat quietly on my lap through most of it. She just wanted to leave. Poor baby.

When the band left the stage she was visibly relieved.  "Is it over now?" "No." "Are you kidding?" "No baby I'm not."  and I tried to explain encore to her whilst clapping madly.
The band took the stage again and began to play Like a Rolling Stone. Wub perks up a little and bounces and claps a little. I'm happy because the concert is ending on a better note for her. Then, then, they start All Along the Watchtower. Wub Jumps up and begins to dance and bounce and clap enthusiastically. She is a joy filled happy baby and although I entertain vague fears of her falling down the bleachers, I'm thrilled that it's ending up this way. They finished up with Blowin' In the Wind. All in all a pretty amazing experience which she won't really remember.