Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW It was just going to be a quick pair of racer shorts...

And then I found this in my stash...
So I went a different route. 
Pattern KID shorts size 7 racer style with pockets from MADE.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bow Front Shorts for KCW

Today I made Wub a pair of bow front shorts using a pair of pants of mine that had a tear right across the bum left to right. Obviously no good for me but Hooray! super cute for her.

I used the KID short pattern from MADE. (Dana is an uber genius who actually taught me how to sew pants.) This is a great pattern so many options. I made size 7 girls flat front and modified it to add the bow detail. I almost got it right  except I ended up having to hand sew the front waist band. (boo) {That and in a fit of early morningness I accidentally sewed the back  inseam (sewed, zigzagged and topstitched) instead of the back crotch seam. Thankfully someone had shown me this video and the undoing went almost as quickly the doing.}
I have enough of this fabric left to make another pair of shorts. I'm going to make the Racer version with either pink or blue bias trim. 

Oooh! and I just realised this fits into the theme parameters because I used my old pants. Woot!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week Kick Off

So, really, who knows how far I'll get but here's day one.
To be honest I did not sew all of this tonight I just finished it up. It also took less than an hour to do so but I'll so totally make that up tomorrow. Oh boy! is there gonna be some sewing tomorrow!
This is the Molly Blouse from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Absolutely my go to pattern for a button down blouse.  Modified the collar because I always do and left off the piping because I always do. Even though I love, love, love this pattern I have to say that the collar pattern piece just does not work which is why I always redraft it. The other reason I redraft it is because I love a lot of collar options. Later on this week I'll be posting a blouse. Same pattern, same fabric, different collar and finishes. 
The fabric is Robert Kaufman Tossed Seuss with a Seuss blue collar and cuffs. I finished it up with some big Seuss red buttons. 
The pants are The Scientific Seamstress Easy Fit Pants which are super easy to sew even when you add extra steps like.
Not a bad start. Fingers crossed I'll be able to stay the course and post something every night. 
And if everything goes the way I want there may be a nice surprise for everyone on Sunday night.