Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eeek! a mouse...

Because Chloe uses our computer quite a bit we bought a smaller, more child friendly mouse for her to use. Apparently it takes a little getting used to. She came into the bedroom where I was reading and said:
"Mom, the mouse is stretching me out!"
Mommy - "Why baby?" (and yes, lips were twitching from trying not to laugh)
Chloe - "Because it's making me a little crazy!"
(More lip twitching from Mommy)
She then cups her hand around an imaginary mouse and moves it back and forth perfectly pantomiming controlling a mouse. Then she points off to the right of the imaginary computer screen and says in a slightly frantic voice:
"And the mouse stays right there!"

Fortunately Daddy was in the front room and I sent her off to have him fix the mouse that was "stretching" her out and I could laugh without hurting her feelings.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum!

Chloe-I'm gonna have to disappear that giant!"
Daddy -"To the woods?"
(Chloe often plays magician and makes things and us disappear to the woods. She always makes them [and us] undisappear when she's done.)
Chloe-"I'm going to disappear him to jail!"
Daddy-"To jail? Why?"
Chloe-"He's bad."
Daddy-"Bad? Why?"
Chloe-"'Cause he gave me a heart attack and you are not supposed to give little girls heart attacks!"

Monday, September 19, 2011

My herbivore wants a hamburger...

Mommy-"What are you doing Chloe?"
Chloe-"I'm feeding my giraffe. she mostly eats meat...and candy as a snack"
long pause
Chloe-"She likes to mostly eat mice and other insects...Are mice insects?"
Chloe-"Are they bugs?"
Daddy-"No, they are small animals called rodents."
Chloe-"Well she mostly likes to eat dead mice. So I give her dead mice and say 'Eat your dead mice!' and she eats them."

Later on
Chloe-"I have to take my giraffe to the hospital."
Chloe-"The doctor says my giraffe needs to rest up"
Chloe-"She's not feeling well...she ate too much"
Mommy-"Too many mice?"
Chloe-"No, too much meat."