Friday, February 22, 2008

extra intensive waiting...

4 days past
Went back to work today and made it to 3. Yay, crazy Mommy!
Heidi called and we talked for a bit. You're gonna love Heidi.
So I've had a few contractions. I'm trying not to be hopeful and expectant and crazy but...

This could be Karl and my last time just me and him. In a way that made me sad, the same way that thinking about not being pregnant makes me sad. I can barely stand not having you to hold and touch and see and chew on your toes. However I really enjoy having you wiggle around inside me. I like the way I look and how I feel and how close we are right now. I'm gonna miss that even though what's coming is better. Oh, and sniff your head. I wanna sniff your head almost as much as I wanna chew on your toes.

So, I'm trying to keep 6 contractions in perspective but it ain't easy FJoC. Not easy at all.

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