Sunday, February 17, 2008

Okay, you can come out anytime now...really.

After an excruciatingly long time I finally got your blanket done. See? Isn't it pretty? Yes, I know it should have only taken a few weeks instead of nine months but I've been distracted.

And look at your pretty room...

Doesn't your crib look inviting?


Your Aunt Cate bought it for you along with the pretty bedding. She loves you even if she doesn't really want to hold you...

And look at the pretty pictures on the wall, they are by a man named Claude Monet. You also have a really cute bunny on that shelf there.


The bear in the crib was Mommy's when she was a little girl. I gave her to Alyssa when she was 5 because I knew she'd get played with and then Alyssa gave her back at your baby shower. Mommy cried a lot but it was happy crying.

Those boxes in the corner have toys for you to play with and there's even more pretty pictures and Gonzo is sitting in your high chair. Your daddy bought him for you. Sorry there's no Camilla. At least not yet...

Here's our rocking chair. Your Gramma Jane bought this ages ago. I was sixteen I think. It used to be bright red and chipped and to tell you the truth I liked it better that way. One of Grandpa Geo's friends refinished it and Cate rescued it. When you get here we can sit by the window and I'll sing you lullabyes.

Here is your armoire. I know it's not finished just yet but the weather has been very uncooperative. So really, give mommy and daddy a break. We're only human and we want to see you.

Now would be good.....

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