Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's wrong with me?

Don't answer that.

 I have literally dozens possibly over 100 patterns that I could choose to sew for Wub. It's KCW and I had plans to make her a Molly School Girl Blouse to go under her Un-iform Jumper* and with the maxi skirt I'm planning for Thanksgiving.. I have this beautiful mustard  with white polka dot fabric (in the same stash I won from Simple Simon and Co)s that I felt would be a great complement to the golds and oranges or in the case of the Un-iform gold and mint. (Long story promise to share sometime.)

 So when I dug it out the fabric pile, turns out it is mustard colored, just mustard mixed with a little wasabi. Not quite what I had in mind. Well, I have do have the Sweet Dream Pyjamas printed out and this great GW find from about a month ago. Cat in the Hat pjs?  Wub always needs more pjs.**

 I could always make her another Maggie Mae or the Molly in a different color. Or I could just draft a completely different pattern and make her a dress that way.

 Sure, I only have today off and I really need to get my butt in gear and start sewing if I hope to be done before dance class...but why not? Oh, and while we're at it let's draft a collar with a stand because we enjoy a challenge.

 So that's what I did. I call it The Old Swan Dress. It's a fit and flare shorty dress with a big ole' collar. I used a tutorial from Melly Sews to make the continuous placket and another tutorial from Little Kids Grow for drafting the stand and collar.

And pockets

I'm not sure what's up with the blurrity blurr on the pictures but you get the idea.  Anyway LOVE this dress. So much that I think I'm going to make her another one (or two) on Saturday. I need to adjust the stand and the collar ever so slightly in the next go round and then I may scan it and offer it up a freebie pattern. If anyone is interested leave me a comment. Wub is a RTW 7-8.

Tomorrow is going to be reserved for UFO's My UFO pile is so humongous if I post it all I'll look like I'm showing off. In reality it's mostly buttons and buttonholes though.


The Un-iform. Just needs a few finishing touches like buttons,

and for me to accidentally dye it pink then completely change the color by dipping it briefly in Rit Color Remover.

Turned out pretty rock and roll anyway.
** No, she doesn't.

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