Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buttons, Buttons, Who's Got the Buttons?

Remember when I said I was trying to psychically control Wubby into NOT being Elsa for Halloween? Remember how creepy that sounded? Right?

So my psychic controlling was to make an Elsa dress that was reversible
and the other sides was...
wait for it...


See? I'm not a creeper I'm an over achiever! And it worked because she wants to be Anna for Halloween. SCORE! (To be honest I would have been way happier making a White Tiger or Iron Fist or Ice man costume but you can't win 'em all. I did get to make her a cat costume for Book It Day
and that was salve to my wounded soul.)

I used The Cottage Mama's Party Dress pattern as my basis, which is a free pattern you can get for signing up for her newsletter or by joining her Facebook Group. It was pretty easy to make reversible by using her alternative construction method and a little wrangling on the back closure.

Because I couldn't figure out my embroidery machine and because it is a costume I ended up painting the "embroidery" on the Anna side of the bodice.
  The Elsa part was made by overlaying the sparkly fabric over the blue sateen sheet I used for most of the dress.

Both ladies needed outerwear. I used The Go To Cape pattern and a mink/sherpa blanket for the Anna part of the costume.

For Elsa I drafted a bolero jacket and sewed it up from a scrap of satin and some more of the sparkly fabric I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn's.

Everything was all done it just needed, you guessed it, buttons. I have to admit buttons are my nemesis. I usually put off sewing them on until it's a dire emergency if I don't. Part of the reason I love my new sewing machine so much is that it sews buttonholes and buttons like a dream. There may be a way to sew shank back buttons on by machine but I didn't want to risk it. Especially with them having to be back to back because the dress is reversible. So we sat and watched Cut Throat Kitchen and I sewed on eight very sparkly buttons.
Green for Anna
and blue for Elsa.

With my carpal tunnel fingers (There really should be a common term for fingers that don't work right anymore, like fish stick fingers or something.) it took me nearly an hour and half to sew, which qualifies it for KCW sewing. Woo hoo! SCORE again!

I still need to sew one buttonhole and one button onto the Elsa cape but I am out of white thread so a trip to the store is in order. However, I do have a really sparkly pin I can use, just in case....

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