Monday, October 20, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Day One

So, I don't really like Frozen. As in I will start ranting about how awful it is to anyone who will stand still long enough to hear my 100 things that are wrong with Frozen spiel and I think Olaf is stupid. Also Kristoff, Anna and Elsa's parents Anna and Elsa themselves and Hans. And those rock trolls..whu?

I even have a song:

"Do you want to make a movie?
It doesn't have to have a plot...
We'll just sing catchy songs
and make some pretty snow
No one will notice that it's not...
Making sense at all here
if we just sing one more song...
Do you want to make a movie?
Okay...why not?"

That being said, do you know who does love Frozen? Three guesses and the answer is Wub (of course)
I tried desperately to psychically control her into being something besides Elsa for Halloween (I sort of succeeded, more on that later.) And although I may be the kind of monster who can hate Frozen, I am not the kind of monster who can step on sweet little six year old's love of "the best movie ever." *sigh*

So I found Frozen fabric at W for $5.00 a yard and bought one yard of each of the Elsa and Anna fabrics. The flannel got made into a night dress almost straight away but the cotton was just waiting  for the right project.

I want to make Wub a maxi length skirt with a high enclosed waistband and a lapped side zip out of this luscious Joel Dewberry fabric I won from Simple Simon and Co. It's going to be part of her Thanksgiving outfit. But before I use up the last of prescious bit it I wanted to practice both the zipper and encased waistband.
Et voila!
It twirls like a dream. Fairly straightforward sew. The zipper is 85% perfect. (and I'm okay with that) I know you can encase a gathered waistband, pin and sew it in one go but my butterfingers would not let me pin all the layers together. I pinned the skirt to one side of the waistband, sewed it together then folded the other side over. pinned and sewed. A few buttons and I'm quite happy with the results. 

I do think I may take a couple of darts in the waistband to make it fit smoother. Or not it is just a play skirt. I also think I want the  Thanksgiving skirt to have a sash as opposed to a button closure. We'll see. 

So, zipper, enclosed waistband and Frozen fabric. I certainly do love this little girl.

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