Monday, March 07, 2016

A super party...with Printables!

This weekend was my great nephew Jude's 5th birthday party.

And because 5 is kind of a big deal, His grandma and mom wanted to make it super for him. As in Super Hero and also as in super over the top.

Everyone dressed up as their favorite super hero and played tie up the villains (parents)

 Enjoyed a spectacular cake courtesy of Piece of Cake and his Aunt Amanda.

 And had a general blast eating "hero" sandwiches, Thor's hammers and super cookies.
We put a lot of work and thought into making this a truly super party.
My part was designing the invitations, printables and cutouts for the party.
I designed all the Pows, the banners and labels for sandwiches sand silverware. In the spirit of giving I'd like to share those printables with you. Free.
 All of the files can be found here:
Because I believe that when you give, you should give with both hands, you are free to use these files in any manner you see fit. Share them, change them as you see fit. Whatever you like these are for you.

Also Scarlet Witch Costume!

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Lora Gossard said...

You are a super Aunt!! Love you!

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