Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I was over at the Project Run & Play Stripes and Dots Linky Party when I discovered Shaffer Sisters blog and an outfit so cute I wanted to make it for Wub right then and there. Unfortunately it was 10:30 at night so that wasn't going to happen. I Pinned it.

The next day I dug through my stash for  the black and white polka dot and then crossed my fingers, made a wish and looked to see if I had white bias. Whoo hoo!
I drafted the pattern from a t-shirt. Minus hand sewing the buttons it took me
 about two hours from draft to button holes. 

My favorite bit (aside from the Wub) is the way the polka dots line up so perfectly.
Like I planned it.

I didn't, it was luck.
Wub would say I'm not s'posed to tell you that. Just pretend it was all part of the plan.


Scary said...

Beautiful. So exciting being inspiration for someone else. I love it as a top.

5boystokiss said...

OOOh! it turned out so adorable. I love it! I can't believe those polka dots lined up so perfectly! Great job mommma!
with love

Mmmmm...cookies! said...

Thanks. Usually if I love someone else's design I have to mull it over, decide how to attack it, go shopping for fabric, get distracted by dinner and cleaning and life...You know. As soon as I saw the inspiration dress my mind went. " I have some black and white polka dot fabric. I'm pretty sure I can make that kind of pattern. What time is it...10:30? I wonder if Mr. Husband Man will be upset if I start sewing right now. Oh well...I guess I'll wait until tomorrow." I was as surprised as anybody when I actually got home from work and started sewing while dinner was finishing up.

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