Saturday, January 19, 2013

50's Vintage with a 70's Retro Twist

 I have to admit this really wanted to be a little bit of a fail. The Peter Pan blouse was adapted from a 1956 dress pattern (that I'm totally making her Easter dress from.) I added 4 inches at the waist to give it proper length and it still wasn't quite long enough.

Then for some reason when I drafted the pants pattern I totally disregarded seam allowances. And yes, I did sew the entire pair of pants minus hems and waistband before I realised.

In my original vision the pants were going to high waisted to compensate for the short blouse and the only floral was going to be secret pocket lining.

I decided actually being able to put the pants on Wub was infinitely more important than "vision". I ripped out the side seams and added a two inch wide strip of the floral fabric.

This was going to be her Thanksgiving outfit. She wore the blouse. The pants sat there reminding me of my lack of skill until last night when I decided to finish them up. (Sound familiar?)

I sewed in the elastic waistband this morning and put it on Wub.

Not a fail at all.

And yes that is the exact same fabric I  used to make her Jammin' Jammies. The green was her alternate choice for her Christmas skirt. We couldn't decide between the brighter green with a gorgeous sheen or the Grinch green "lemon" fabric. 

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