Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial Madness

I've had some brain power and energy this week. (I'm gonna credit physical therapy for that. I knew my leg bothered me I just didn't realise how much until it stopped.) So I've been sewing.

Vegbee from Indietutes shared this fantastic pattern (I've made two so far.) for the solar dress.

Being three years old Wub doesn't really get the concept of modesty. She's not quite "Wanna see my panties?" but she doesn't really care if you do see them either.
Off to Made for possibly the easiest (for me at least) pants tutorial in the world. Plus her pattern fits Wub perfectly. Now we have darling matching modesty shorts to go beneath.

 For the finishing touch what better accessory than knee high stockings...Do we own any knee high stockings? Noooooooooooooo. Can we make knee high stockings from outgrown tights? Yes, yes we can. Thanks to another great tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff

These are so flippin' cute I almost can't stand it.

Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful creations and inspirations. Can't wait to make more stuff.

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dana said...

loved your comment on MADE :) I'm so glad the tutorial was easy for you to follow along. That kind of feedback makes me smile! :) Enjoy your new underpants! Very cute ensemble. Love that fabric!
- dana

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