Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Solar Dress

This is dress number three. I think I may make a different dress next time. Or not, I really like this one. I did make a few modifications to it though.

I seamed two fat quarters together, which is the perfect amount for the front and back of the size 2/3 dress.
I made my own bias tape (woot) for it using two videos on YouTube and another coordinating fat quarter.

The first video made me extremely happy because I was dreading all the fiddly seams. The second video was actually two parts and slightly more detailed. I sincerely doubt I would ever want to attempt the fiddly seam method now.

I folded and pressed the bias tape using the long pin/ironing board method. I have no idea where I saw that tutorial but it worked like a charm. From a 16 inch square, I had enough bias plus three whole extra inches to do the entire dress.

Which is why the shorts, made from one more fat quarter,  have different bias trim. (matches the pockets on the dress) You can also see our cme labels in this pic.

I made a few modifications to the original pattern. I added a pleated pocket, the design of which I am not 100% happy with but can definitely live with. It is nice and deep but I will make it wider next time. They are sort of lost on the side of the dress.

I also added shirring instead of the elastic. I like the way  it looks much better. My elastic was always a teensy bit wonky.
See how deep and roomy the pocket is? See how much to the side it is? Gotta fix that. 


And last but by no means least, Wub in her five fat quarters patchwork pretty Solar Dress with modification.

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