Sunday, August 01, 2010

Potty Training

We have been prepping Chloe for the potty for the past four months or so. Nothing stressy though. We bought her a combo potty chair (seeat, stool and toilet ring) and have set her on it. We also bought her big girl panties to run around in when we're home. We both know when she's ready, she'll get it.

Lately she hasn't wanted a diaper. "Can I have good girl panties?" (She calls them that, not us) and is distressed when we go out or it's bed time and she has to put one on.

About a week and a half ago I caught her right before she had to go and she let me put her on the potty. She was very happy to go potty in the potty. Hasn't even really tried since.

Until tonight. "Mommy I have to use that potty" pointing to the toilet. I set her on it and held both her hands but she was scared. "I don't like it." (Back bathroom, no toilet ring to keep her tush up.) So I told her to go tell Daddy to help her in the other bathroom.

Now if I really believed there was gonna be peeing in the potty, I would have taken her myself. I figured she was just playing around or worse case scenario we'd be cleaning up a puddle between bathrooms. Five minutes later Daddy's saying "Guess who went potty in the potty?" and I'm doling out M&Ms.

I know we still have a good ways to go, but this is a big step in the right direction. Knowing you have to go, in enough time to get there and even being able to hold it for a little while is great. So, yay to Chloe! Our little girl has just taken a major step towards big girl panties.

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