Monday, May 24, 2010

One Day

One day, big girl panties will be just panties.
One day a bandaid will no longer be a magic cure all
One day you will go places that we didn't take you
And learn things that we didn't teach you
I hope your journey is as magical and wondrous
as the words "It's a girl" are
I hope you are always joyful and curious
and amazed by the world around you
For now we can dance in the grocery store
For now pat-a-cake and Mary Mack
For now bedtime stories and footy pajamas
And pink boppy as a constant companion
I hope when one day comes I'll look at my little girl
(and you'll always be my little girl)
and be just as amazed as I am now.
For now is such a short time
One day will come too soon
Too soon
So I will cherish for now for as long as I have
And look forward to one day too.
I love you

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