Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Tricks

Yes, yes that first bit was hokey, but did you see how well she stood one foot?

No? At the end? Watch it again. This time pay close attention to Chloe's feet...

As Chloe would say "Isn't that funny?"

And for the record the only contrived bit was my speech at the beginning. The first two year old I tried that on was my brother Patrick, twenty five or so years ago. I've asked dozens of two year olds that same question and always got the same reaction. They ask "Which one?" and then step on one of my feet. Chloe is the first one to ever step on her own foot.

As you can see by the second video she actually figured out the "right" way to stand on one foot. Made me a little sad. However the tongue thing is priceless.

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