Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who put this cat in a bag?

After the whole business of confirming that you are not insane, (Well, at least you're not hysterically pregnant.) You have to tell people. As we were driving back from the doctor's Karl said I could tell Lora if I wanted. I could tell anyone I wanted, whenever I wanted, in fact. I told him if Cate showed up at the bakery I really did want to tell both my sisters together but I could wait until then.

And lo, there is a burgandy Lincoln Continental parked in front of the bakery. Although I briefly thought "Jacob?" I knew it had to be her. I walked in the door and there was her shiny blonde head showing over the top of the swinging doors.

Cate and Lora-To the back of the bakery! Cate, immediate joy and hugs. Lora wide round eyes and a shocked O of a mouth.

Alicia-(over the phone but damnit we were both at work and she HAD to be told) Joy and threats of physical harm if I made her boobs grow sympathetically.

Shannon and Melissa-They came into the bakery looking for Lora who'd already gone home. They seemed a teensy bit distressed and I was doing a wedding cake consult. I asked them to wait around until I was done. I took them to the back and very quietly said. "Guess who's having a baby one month after you are?" and Melissa said "Brandi, you, Sam" in rapid fire succession I smiled. "Hold on, back up a little sweetie" and with a very confused look on her face Melissa takes two steps backwards. She and Shannon really are the perfect couple. It only took a little more explaining to get her to realise what I meant. And who can blame her? She had her own shocking news, twins!!! Oh Lord, this family is gonna be swimming in babies.

Mom and Dad-I really wanted Mom to ask me how my doctor's appointment went. She usually does. I had the perfect line for it. Mom "How did your appointment go?" Me "Oh fine, the baby is due in February..." Of course by this time she'd heard Mel and Shannon's news so..."Two babies! isn't that exciting?" "Well actually Mom it's going to be three babies. Two in January and another in February." My poor mother, this confused her so desperately. Even after Karl said "Kristi and I are having another baby in February." no dice. I finally gave up and said. "When you figure it out, I'll be in the kitchen." You could tell she still didn't know what was going on when she came into the kitchen. Karl explained it to her again and she was very happy for us. Dad just wanted to know if I was cooking dinner.

Patrick-Sadly over the phone. But he was genuinely happy for us and Shannon and Melissa actually called him right after thay found out about the twins. He was the first person not at the ultra sound to know.

Brandon, Erin and Amanda-Melissa let that particular cat out...So from Erin and Brandon I got. "Yeah, I know."

Amanda-I came up to her at the morale boosting bowling party and gave her a hug. "Now don't tell anyone." I said. She smiled at me and said "Don't tell anyone what?" I rolled my eyes at her and said "Just don't tell anyone, okay?" and she looked at me like I was nuts and said "Don't tell anyone what?" I was a little impatient with her when I said "Don't tell anyone I'm pregnant." HUGE round eyes, perfect circle of a mouth and a big wheezing inhalation. Hmmmm.....maybe Melissa didn't tell Amanda after all...

Brandi-"Shut up!" and general happiness for me.

FronShea-She wasn't at the bowling party so I asked Cate to have her call and do an interpetive dance. She asked if this meant there was a little White and told me she'd been trying to curse me forever. "What took so long?" She also ran up and hugged me, then Karl, when we had to stop by the bakery for something.

Cate told Christi and I'm assuming Christi told George which i wanted to do but oh well...Haven't heard from them yet.

Remaining bakery(at least those that bowled)-A banner across the score screen.

So now his family. Two brothers down, one to go, plus Patsy, Eva and a few friends. I'll only get one end of the conversation but so far happiness for us both...

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