Saturday, April 25, 2015

Solar Powered Whale

This is Wubby she likes to rock.

Bad puns aside the girl really does love rocks.

 When Kids Clothes Week announced Wild Things as their theme for this quarter the first thing that popped into my head was Kurt Halsey. If you are unfamiliar with his heartbreakingly sweet paintings you've been missing out. His art makes me both incredibly happy and a little bit weepy. Some things though are just a perfect slice of bliss.

The Green Album is one of my absolute favorites of his. In my head it was the perfect thing to Sharpie paint and embroider on a Solar Dress.

I made my first Solar Dress nearly four years ago. I credit Charity Beasley and Indietutes as one of my main teachers when I was learning to sew and this sweet drss was the first pattern I felt really comfortable making.

 Sadly the pattern only goes up to 7/8 and Wub has outgrown.

 Fortunately because so many wonderful people have shared their skills and knowledge through magic of the interwebs; in addition to learning how to sew  I've also learned how to grade a pattern up.

Tuesday evening I washed the fine cotton sheet I had decided to use as fabric. Wednesday morning I woke up got everyone off to work and school whilst dyeing the sheet from white to pale blue and upsizing the pattern. While the fabric was rewashing and drying I worked on the Hooded Maggie Mae. Once it was done I could concentrate on something simpler.

 The solar dress is an incredibly fast sew. I had it cut out and sewn in under an hours time. After Sewing it all together I used a light box to trace the painting onto the bodice using an aqua colored Sharpie. I used freezer paper behind the image to protect the rest of the dress and I lightly filled in the whale with aqua and teal using rubbing alcohol to blur and soften the lines. I was going for a dreamy watercolor effect.

 After I had the Whale painted to my satisfaction I embroidered all the outlines with 4 strands of navy blue cotton thread because I didn't have any embroidery floss of appropriate color and I wanted to get started.

 I had no idea that I was secretly in love with embroidery until I was making Wub's Easter outfit earlier this year. One hand picked zipper and a few lazy daisies later and I am hooked through the nose. Pretty funny considering that I kinda despise hand sewing.

 Finished up the embroidery last night and this afternoon we took it out for a spin.

Twirly? Check.

Sassy? Check

 Full of sweet, charming details and comfy to boot? Check, check and check.

Kinda makes you want to jump for joy...

The end.

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