Friday, November 15, 2013

At the water's edge...

In our lives we come to places of deep and terrible waters
The banks are a treacherous and slippery slope
As we tumble in some us flail about thrashing and beating at the cold dark waves not noticing the ones who are pummeled in our panic
Others slip beneath the waves unable to fight the undercurrents that grasp and suck them down
Some foolishly believe a few deep breaths will be enough carry them safely through to the opposite shore.
Me? I am floating.
Surrounded by deep ripples and tricksome waves that plague my eyes and ears.
I have no time for flailing or drowning or gasping
I must stay afloat in this bitter brackish sea.
I must float
Soon my water wings will break and my tears will be the sea
Soon my broken heart will pour out it's endless pain
and I will cry until there are no more tears and suck in this bitter sea to make myself some more.
but not yet...for now I must float.

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