Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chloe Quotes

Upon seeing a statue of a rooster in front of a gas station.

Wub "Look, there's a chicken!"

Daddy "That's a rooster baby."

Wub (crying) "That's not a rooster!"

Mommy "Baby don't be upset. A rooster is a chicken. A rooster is a boy chicken and a hen is a girl chicken, but they are still chickens."

Chloe (in a condescending voice) "A chicken is not a rooster. A rooster is not a chicken. Don't call a chicken a rooster, okay?"

By the way, I have added a Blog Search and Labels to the FJOC . They are on the right left hand side below the Archive. You can now look up older posts without having to look through the whole blog. You can also look for posts that contain photos, or video or Chloe Quotes.

I will be working my way back through and adding labels as time permits.

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