Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is taking longer than I meant.

Sorry about the delay. Dad has been in the hospital and is now in (hopefully) a short term rehabilitation center. The bakery is starting to get extremely busy so extra time is in short supply. That said, here are a few more photos from the trip. And I'd still like any that y'all have.

Danny and Karl, Mersey Ferry

Tony and Karl, Mersey Ferry

Danny, Karl and Tony, Mersey Ferry

Karl and Chloe in front of the Liver Building

Chloe in front of the Mersey Ferry

Chloe and Karl Lime Street Station

Karl and Chloe on the train

Kristi and Chloe on the train

Caroline, Chloe and Karl on the train

Chloe, train

Caroline, Chloe and Karl(nice hat) on the train

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