Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The birthday girl.

The Amazing Flying George!

Melissa and Baylee, mmmmmmmmmm! cake!

I dunno.

Shannon and Eli

Lora and Aidan


Making bookmarks.
Haylee and Cate making bookmarks.

I am the Crafting Queen!

Christi and Graci making bookmarks

Braeden waiting for a hole punch and ribbon.

Alex patiently placing stickers.

Kelsey and Chloe

Gorgeous day



Kevin and Alicia

I love you little cake, I do.

Zach, Braeden and Brittany

We are ninja warriors...Samurais!...Kung fu?

What could it be?

What's this?


Totally unfair! making the mommy cry.

Oh! Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea!



Too see more of Chloe's birthday party visit her photo album

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