Sunday, November 23, 2008


Chloe's been saying Dada and Hi Dada for months (to the cat, to the carrots, when she bumped her head and even sometimes to Karl) For the past month she's been saying it and actually meaning Dada, not all purpose noise. (Although Karl isn't completely convinced.) Last week she added kitty to her vocabulary. Whenever Oh Don or Oscar got near her she'd proclaim "Kitty!" (And yes, that does remind me of Boo.) Wednesday she said "Love you" after I said it to her and proved she is a super genius. (Video to prove it below.)

M sounds are hard for babies. They involve the lips and take a little longer to master. I was very happy Sunday morning to hear Chloe going mamamamamam to the cat. Ecstatic when around 10 pm I pointed to myself, said "Momma" and Chloe followed suit with a "Mama" of her own and again an hour or so later. Yes her m's are slightly b-ish but it was clear where she was going with it. I am disgustingly pleased.
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